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SSL Certificates Guide

Purchasing Additional License(s) for your Digital Certificate

In order to secure your domain name on multiple servers, you need to purchase Additional License(s) for your Digital Certificate.

    • An Additional License need to be bought separately, independent of the Enrollment process for the parent Digital Certificate. An Additional License can be bought anytime during the lifecycle of the parent Digital Certificate.
    • You cannot specify the duration of an Additional License while purchasing the same. The duration of an Additional License will depend upon the duration of its parent Digital Certificate.

      For example, if you have purchased a Digital Certificate for one year, then an Additional License for such a Digital Certificate will be a one year License. Likewise, it will be a two year Additional License if the duration of the Digital Certificate is two years.
    • In order to purchase Additional License(s) for a Digital Certificate, the Digital Certificate -

      • needs to be under Issued status
      • should not be under Suspended status
    • Additional License(s) can only be used for servers which have the same software installed on them and the same associated common name.

      Common Name >>
      Software Type >>
    • Once purchased, an Additional License cannot be deleted.
    • An Additional License is not required for the primary server.
    • You can purchase up to 20 Additional Licenses per Digital Certificate.

    Follow the process mentioned below to purchase Additional License(s) for your Digital Certificate:

    1. Login to your Control Panel, search for the domain name for which you have purchased this Digital Certificate and proceed to the Order details view.
    2. Click Additional License in the lower toolbar.
    3. Select the number of Additional Licenses you wish to purchase and click Confirm Purchase.
    4. Complete the payment formalities.
    5. Retrieve the parent Digital Certificate and install the same on multiple servers. The number of servers (excluding the primary server) on which the Digital Certificate can secure your domain name will be equal to the total number of Additional Licenses you have purchased for this Digital Certificate.



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