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SSL Certificates Guide

Renewing Additional License(s) related to your Digital Certificate

  • The validity of an Additional License depends upon the Expiry/Renewal of its parent Digital Certificate.

    Additional Licenses for a Digital Certificate are associated with the Certificate Order Number. When a Digital Certificate is Renewed, a new Certificate Order Number will be generated. Hence, existing Additional License(s) can no longer be used. This implies that whenever a Digital Certificate is Renewed, the existing Additional License(s) associated with this Digital Certificate will no longer be valid.

    For example, if a Digital Certificate of 2 years duration has a validity of 6 months left and you purchase one or more Additional Licenses for this Digital Certificate, this/these will be 2 year Additional License(s). However, the Additional License(s) will Expire when the parent Digital Certificate Expires or is Renewed. The Additional License(s) will not be valid for 2 years, independent of the parent Digital Certificate. Click here to read how a Digital Certificate can be Renewed >>

    In order to maximize the validity of Additional License(s), the Additional License(s) need to be purchased as soon as the parent Digital Certificate gets issued. For example, if you purchase a Digital Certificate for 2 years, purchasing Additional License(s) as soon as this Digital Certificate gets issued will enable this/these Additional License(s) to be valid to the maximum duration possible.

    This also implies that an Additional License can never be Renewed. Fresh Additional License(s) need to be purchased as and when the parent Digital Certificate is Renewed. Click here to read how to purchase an Additional License >>

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